Back from Black Mountain, NC


We made it home after long hikes in the Black Mountains of NC, and a family reunion that was fantastic! I wish I could have taken more pictures but when your with family all you want to do is talk and catch up on old times. The best part was my husband got to see people he hasn’t seen since he was a very young lad. He also got to meet his big brother for the first time, which was amazing. I also had a great time meeting all the new family and made some new life long friends. We wish we would have had more time, but plans are already in the works for next year in June. Now it’s time to save for graduations and weddings in May of next year 2019. Things are also starting to cool down here in NC which means sweat shirt weather then on to winter. Let’s hope we don’t have the snow fall they are predicting here this year. Taking bets as to how much we will get !! Anyone want to give their guess? Leave a comment and lets see who comes the closest, we may have a prize in order for the winner. Until next time stay warm everyone.


We have done a thing !

Well we did it! We finally decided to go all the way to the dealership and look at RVs. My husband thought it would be a great idea to drive 2 hours to a dealer and take 3 hours to look at an abundance of RVs (not that I didn’t enjoy looking also.) It’s really easy to be swept away when looking for an RV, there are so many to choose from. The different brands mean different interiors, floor plans, and colors to dream about. I will tell you this after all the walking and sitting inside the multitude of RVs, we finally decided on one that we think will be right for us and the 3 cats. Yes you read right! 3 Cats! Don’t think they are all mine. (LOL) My husband has his black panther Myia who he adores dearly, and the twin gingers, Penny and Kiki who are a ball full of energy.

Back to the topic at hand. We decided on a Grand Design Reflection 337RLS 5th wheel. It is 35’6 long, 12’6 High in the Cappuccino color interior (which is dark brown). We also decided to go with the double pane windows, and free standing table. Love the fact that it has one-touch leveling so us newbies can get it level the first time. We also found out that when we go to pick it up for the first time they will be giving us classes that lasts 3 hours long. They will go from tip to tail, or front to back, how ever you want to say it. I will be more then happy to go RVing with my husband as long as he does all the outside stuff. (LOL) If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I will be happy to reply..


Long days and short nights

Have you ever had the feeling like the days keep getting longer but the nights are shorter then ever. When the alarm screams in your ear, ” TIME TO GET UP!”  You open your eyes just to hit the snooze button, and realize this is the 3rd time you have hit it and you still haven’t slept. Sleep, the glorious relaxation moment in time that seems to elude you as you drag yourself out of bed for another days work. As you park in the parking lot you sit in your car, staring at the building or work site and you wonder when is my someday. The day when you can pack your RV and drive off into the wild blue yonder. Grumbling, you paste on a fake smile while you sigh and get out of the car to head in.

Well I say enough is a enough ! Our time is now! With a smile on my face, I am ready to get this work week over with so we can head to the mountains for some free time. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the job. Grant it, it might not be the trip of a life time but to us it is. Seeing family we have never met, enjoying some down time. Talking to my husband because we never get the chance to during the week. Our someday will be soon. It may not be until our last child moves out but it will be soon, months even. I know we can hang in there till then.

The start of our journey.

How does one start a journey of epic proportions? Do they dream about it, or wish on a star? Maybe they throw coins in a fountain in hopes that dreams and wishes comes true. Who really knows how thoughts become the start of a long journey of a life time.

To start a journey one must think about how they are going to start their journey. On foot or in a vehicle of some sort, maybe even a bike. We on the other hand have decided to start it out by going on foot backpacking, and graduate to an RV full time. All the while documenting for others to enjoy with us. Time will tell if RVing full time is right for us. Please join us on this epic journey of a life time as we grow and learn how to become full time RVers. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments I will be happy to get back with you all. Thank you for taking the time to read this.